Webinar: Regulatory pressures on food and beverage marketing

Globale udfordringer for markedsføringen

Dansk Annoncørforening er et aktivt medlem af World Federation of Advertisers, der tilbyder en række webinarer, som vores medlemmer kan få adgang til. Webinaret foregår på engelsk.

About this webinar

This WFA webinar will report on the latest regulatory trends to limit food and beverage marketing to children as a response to the global obesity challenge. Will Gilroy and Rebecka Allén will be presenting key regulatory trends that may fundamentally restrict food and beverage companies’ longer term ability to connect with consumers in key markets around the globe. What we will cover:

  • The spread of the “Chilean model” in Latin American and beyond;
  • Key markets keeping us awake at night: Canada, Mexico, India, UK …
  • A dangerous shift in approach: protect not only children but also teens and general audiences;
  • Crystal ball gazing: 5 trends that you as a brand owner should integrate in your strategic thinking.

This webinar will take 45 minutes followed by Q&A.



2019-12-13 10:00:00